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“The Atticus Group is a valuable resource for JumpStart’s investment diligence and an important thought partner for JumpStart’s healthcare portfolio companies.  Larry and his team have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to quantify clinical impact and healthcare economics, and to help translate these concepts into actionable development and commercialization strategies. Their wide range of experience, and their keen ability to understand and articulate the impact of technology solutions across the continuum of healthcare stakeholders make them an ideal partner for JumpStart’s portfolio of emerging healthcare opportunities.”

– Kevin Mendelsohn, Venture Partner, JumpStart 

“Larry’s contribution has been instrumental in PathoQuest’s (EU based company) rapid development in the U.S. market. Starting from specific market research to a market access strategy, he is providing fast, accurate and efficient support to reduce time to market and to connect with the right people. His marketing and communication skills add value to his global expertise in the the field of next-generation sequencing and its application to molecular diagnostics for clinical use.”

– Jean-Francois Brepson, President and CEO, PathoQuest SAS

“Larry brings deep medical industry experience, a professional attitude and incredible organization skills to the table. The combination of fast and excellent work delivery was a tremendous help to our company and his contributions have been invaluable. Larry is someone you can rely on and who thoroughly understands marketing, reimbursement, clinical studies and more making his experience are unmatched. For a small company like ours, Larry’s expertise and insights are instrumental covering a number of subject matter areas.”
– Gabriele  Niederauer, PhD, CEO and President, Bluegrass Vascular Technologies

“The Atticus Group is truly world class in its talent, experience and process in understanding and responding to the unique needs of emerging growth companies.  Fortune 500 quality service and product at emerging growth speed and resources.  Integrity every step of the way and doing right by the customer always!”
– Pat Wethington (formerly CEO at CardioInsight Technologies)

“Larry’s broad experience in the medical device space has provided him with the keen ability to quickly decipher and rapidly assess specific situations, develop the appropriate tactics & strategies and manage their implementation. His talents as a medical device marketer and manager would be an asset to any medical device organization.”
– Mike Sherman, Partner @ MB Venture Partners

“The Atticus Group has offered one of the greatest value-adds to our organization.  Larry and his team provide depth, breadth and professionalism that have made our experience easy & effective.  They offer personalized service, taking care to fully understand our business and on many occasions going beyond the scope of their engagement to ensure success.” 
– James Hong, CEO, Solinas Medical

“The Atticus Group is the most phenomenal marketing and market research group that I have ever worked with. I am so impressed by Larry’s perseverance, leadership, industry knowledge depth, and by how personable he is to me and my team, as well as with the folks we work with. I strongly endorse, with absolutely no hesitation, The Atticus Group to any life science, health IT, or medical device company who is looking for marketing assistance.”
– Julia Rasooly, CEO and Founder, PuraCath Medical

“Larry has the simultaneous ability to strategize, create and drive the execution of cross-functional marketing activities while also building lasting relationships with thought leaders and customers. He is one of a precious few whom one could describe as a ‘rainmaker.’ His ability to use his knowledge and experience to assess markets and develop strategic plans to capitalize on opportunities for change technologies would be an invaluable asset to organizations in any medical field.”
– Kristin Wagner, Director of Marketing, Phillips Healthcare

“Larry’s unique abilities to direct marketing programs are a result of researching the customer’s needs and combining that knowledge with creative programs, white papers, videography, and high level strategic thinking that all dovetail into promoting the products in the best possible light. His stamina and determination not to settle for less than perfection have made him one of the best marketing people I have worked with.”
– Susan Parker, President, The von Hemert Group

“I have worked with Larry for several years and have found his marketing work to be top quality. He is a quick learner that approaches a project or new product launch with professional nimbleness. He thoroughly understands marketing concepts and applies them with practiced skill. Larry has developed an instinctive feel for using his knowledge of reimbursement, medical procedures, hospital’s protocols and distribution channels to translate these to increased market awareness and revenue growth.”
– Nathan Harris, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Advanced Circulatory – ZOLL Medical

“Larry is the best new product marketing person that I’ve ever worked with in 30 years of medical device development. He is fast, accurate, passionate, creative and decisive. If Larry told me at a 9:00 AM meeting that he was going to do something – he usually had it done before lunch! Larry knows marketing theory well, but more importantly, what he did increased sales revenue.”
– Michael McClurken, Ph.D. (former VP of R&D, Salient Surgical Technologies/TissueLink Medical, Inc.)