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“Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money.”  – W. J. Cameron  


A “pitch” deck is used to sell your idea and the associated technology to potential investors. A pitch deck should be a short slide presentation geared towards potential investors which provides an overview of the company, its technology and the business plan for providing a return on their investment. Key information to include in your pitch deck are listed in the table below.



Your pitch to potential investors and responses to their questions will aid them in having an initial understanding of the potential opportunity and risks associated with investing in your company. This will set the stage for making a decision relative to conducting a more thorough review as a part of a comprehensive due diligence process.

As a back-up for your pitch deck, you will need to have supporting documentation in case your pitch garners serious interest from prospective investors. At a minimum, the data locker should include your pitch deck, documents you reference in your pitch deck which support your assumptions for medical need, market size, and competitors, an executive summary, all of your legal agreements, your intellectual property (i.p.), pro-forma financials, and term sheets, if applicable. 

Contact us at the Atticus Group if you are looking for help with creating your pitch deck. 




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Medical Technology Insights is an ongoing series of white papers developed by The Atticus Group addressing key topics of interest to companies developing and commercializing novel medical technologies.

Volume 1, Number 1 – October 2016

Avoiding a False Start: Marketing Tips for the Successful Commercialization of Novel Medical Devices

A failed product launch can be disastrous, both financially and to the reputation of the brand. The development and timely execution of a comprehensive strategic launch plan is required for the successful commercialization of new medical technologies. In this paper we review four areas where advanced planning by marketing individuals can assist with a successful product launch.

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Volume 1, Number 2 – January 2017

Predicting the Future: Forecasting Initial Product Demand and Sales Revenue for Novel Medical Device Technologies

Sales forecasting for new medical technologies is both an art and a science. This paper reviews the benefits of developing a spreadsheet-based forecasting model and how various market factors and company-related parameters can influence forecasting for sales revenue and initial product build.

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