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Testimonial and Procedural Videos


Videos and animations are powerful tools which can utilized in numerous differing ways to support the promotion and proper utilization of new medical technologies. It is important, however, to understand that effective videos are not simply the result of a “point and shoot” approach to filming…a lot of planning must take place upfront in order to create an effective video. This includes the development of a proper storyboard in advance, setting up the best venue/approach for obtaining the video footage, or the identification of the ideal animation group that can deliver what you need, on time, and at a budget you can afford.

Videos and animations can serve several differing purposes. Animations are an effective means of  to demonstrating how a technology works, video footage is often ideal for showing the technology in action during a surgical procedure or when interfacing with a patient, and customer or KOL testimonials are an effective means of supporting peer-to-peer selling. Videos can be utilized on websites, at tradeshow exhibits, in the field by sales reps, and a variety of other venues to convey important product information. The key is to deliver focused video content with the associated text captions and narration which effectively delivers your product message while avoiding making the video so long that the viewer loses interest.

The Atticus Group has significant experience producing videos for medical technology companies.

  • We have the latest video editing software and know how to output high resolution video files for our customers.
  • We have experience in creating effective storyboards and working with our clients technical and marketing teams as the videos are developed and produced.
  • We know how to identifying professional videographers and work with a hospitals AV department to gain prior approval and to capture procedural footage (acting as the “director” for the project).
  • We have produced patient videos which demonstrate the use of new medical technologies and customer testimonials which feature key thought leaders in their fields.

While The Atticus Group does not have the capability to create high-end animation, we have managed entire animation projects from the development of RFP (requests for proposal) to send to animation companies, the selection of an animation group to create the animation, working with our clients and the animation group to develop and finalize the storyboard, and managing the animation group through the development process to develop a final animated video which meets our customer’s needs.

Contact us to learn more about our experience in the development and creation of videos and animations for our medical technology clients and to see examples of our work.


What stage of product development are you at?

The mission of The Atticus Group is to partner with medical technology and molecular diagnostic companies to assist in the development of comprehensive strategic plans and tactical marketing solutions which drive revenue growth. Our specialty is working with companies who have novel medical technologies or diagnostic tests that are targeted towards the U.S. and select global markets. Our broad experience providing strategic insight and creative marketing solutions for innovative medical technology companies allows The Atticus Group to tailor our efforts to meet our customers needs.

Which of the below represents where you are at in the product life cycle? Click on the appropriate box to learn more about how The Atticus Group can help support your needs.

Is your product in the development stage?

Just getting started with an innovative new technology?

Whether you’ve got an initial prototype or are still in the design phase, The Atticus Group can help with sound advice for developing an initial business plan, defining the market for your device and helping you to address questions that may aid in your quest for future funding.

Are you preparing for product launch?

Ready to lay the groundwork for a successful product launch?

You’ve designed an innovative medical technology, confirmed its efficacy in clinical trials and are about to clear your last regulatory hurdles. You’re about to send your product out into the world – The Atticus Group can help you with pricing strategies, financial projections, development of economic messaging and more. Wherever you are in the process of commercializing your product, The Atticus Group can offer professional assistance with business development and creative marketing solutions that will help you make the most of your product’s strengths in today’s complex and crowded healthcare marketplace.

Is your product commercialized?

Need help gaining market adoption of your technology?

You’ve cleared all of the regulatory hurdles and have commercialized your technology – now you want to grow your business. The Atticus Group can help with tactical marketing solutions which can assist you in gaining a foothold in your targeted market segments and to drive product acceptance. Wherever you are in the process of commercializing your product, The Atticus Group can offer professional assistance that will help you make the most of your product’s strengths in today’s complex and crowded healthcare marketplace.