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Publication Strategy


The successful launch of an innovative new medical technology necessitates a meticulous plan for effectively communicating its value along with the development a strategy for addressing anticipated objections expected from the marketplace.  A key component of this strategy is the development and execution of a strategic publication plan. The timely execution of an effective publication strategy can accelerate the adoption of a new medical technology.

A publication strategy should outline what manuscripts will be developed by topic area followed by the target journal for each submission.  The journals targeted for these publications should be based on the content and focus of the publication, the author and/or the intended audience.  Manuscripts should be submitted across a number of specialty-directed journals based on the differing customer segments that interface with the technology.

Sequential submission of manuscripts to key journals which target specific customer segments is needed to insure they receive continuous and pertinent information about the product.  Since the timeline associated with developing manuscript, submission, and eventual publication in a peer-reviewed journal (if accepted) is often lengthy, identifying alternative approaches for obtaining a more rapid dissemination of product information must be pursued in conjunction with the above.

The overall objective for a publication strategy should be to disseminate clinical and economic information which supports product positioning and the key benefits of the technology.

The Atticus Group has significant experience support companies with the development and implement of their publication strategies. Whether its the identification of target journals, manuscript development, interaction with authors, or the actual online submission process, we can support every step of the process.

Contact us to obtain examples of peer-reviewed publications we have been involved with or to learn more about how we can help your needs.


What stage of product development are you at?

The mission of The Atticus Group is to partner with medical technology and molecular diagnostic companies to assist in the development of comprehensive strategic plans and tactical marketing solutions which drive revenue growth. Our specialty is working with companies who have novel medical technologies or diagnostic tests that are targeted towards the U.S. and select global markets. Our broad experience providing strategic insight and creative marketing solutions for innovative medical technology companies allows The Atticus Group to tailor our efforts to meet our customers needs.

Which of the below represents where you are at in the product life cycle? Click on the appropriate box to learn more about how The Atticus Group can help support your needs.

Is your product in the development stage?

Just getting started with an innovative new technology?

Whether you’ve got an initial prototype or are still in the design phase, The Atticus Group can help with sound advice for developing an initial business plan, defining the market for your device and helping you to address questions that may aid in your quest for future funding.

Are you preparing for product launch?

Ready to lay the groundwork for a successful product launch?

You’ve designed an innovative medical technology, confirmed its efficacy in clinical trials and are about to clear your last regulatory hurdles. You’re about to send your product out into the world – The Atticus Group can help you with pricing strategies, financial projections, development of economic messaging and more. Wherever you are in the process of commercializing your product, The Atticus Group can offer professional assistance with business development and creative marketing solutions that will help you make the most of your product’s strengths in today’s complex and crowded healthcare marketplace.

Is your product commercialized?

Need help gaining market adoption of your technology?

You’ve cleared all of the regulatory hurdles and have commercialized your technology – now you want to grow your business. The Atticus Group can help  with tactical marketing solutions which can assist you in gaining a foothold in your targeted market segments and to drive product acceptance. Wherever you are in the process of commercializing your product, The Atticus Group can offer professional assistance that will help you make the most of your product’s strengths in today’s complex and crowded healthcare marketplace.