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The classic quote, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” which begins Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, also describes the current atmosphere surrounding the introduction of innovative medical technologies. While advances in science, technology and our understanding of human illnesses have increased at a rapid pace, so has the resistance to new medical technologies, largely as a result of efforts to reduce health-care costs.

Companies with innovative technologies must cultivate a deeper understanding of their true market potential and develop strategies for successful commercialization in an atmosphere of increased hurdles put into place by governmental bodies, institutions and end-users.

With the above in mind, we have launched this blog with the objective of sharing insights and anecdotes to assist entrepreneurs and innovators in the successful commercialization of novel medical technologies. This forum will also serve as a platform for professional opinions on recent trends and developments within the medical device and molecular diagnostic markets.


Choosing a Web Development Partner

Medical device startups are not typically known for their cutting edge websites. There is an odd disconnect between the innovative nature of new medical technologies and one’s experience when interacting with their brands online. We can attribute much of this common...

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The Lure of Buying Market Data Reports

How often do you receive spam in your inbox from companies trying to sell you market reports? It's either the latest U.S. market data or information on global markets for a wide variety of medical conditions or procedures. Most come with an offer for a complimentary...

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Check out our White Papers

Medical Technology Insights is an ongoing series of white papers developed by The Atticus Group addressing key topics of interest to companies developing and commercializing novel medical technologies.

Volume 1, Number 1 – October 2016

Avoiding a False Start: Marketing Tips for the Successful Commercialization of Novel Medical Devices

A failed product launch can be disastrous, both financially and to the reputation of the brand. The development and timely execution of a comprehensive strategic launch plan is required for the successful commercialization of new medical technologies. In this paper we review four areas where advanced planning by marketing individuals can assist with a successful product launch.

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Volume 1, Number 2 – January 2017

Predicting the Future: Forecasting Initial Product Demand and Sales Revenue for Novel Medical Device Technologies

Sales forecasting for new medical technologies is both an art and a science. This paper reviews the benefits of developing a spreadsheet-based forecasting model and how various market factors and company-related parameters can influence forecasting for sales revenue and initial product build.

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