The Pitch Deck – An Essential Element to Raise Capital to Support a New Technology Company

Larry Yost | December 1, 2023 | Blog Post

“Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money.”  – W. J. Cameron

A “pitch” deck is used to sell your idea and the associated technology to potential investors. A pitch deck should be a short slide presentation geared towards potential investors which provides an overview of the company, its technology and the business plan for providing a return on their investment. Key information to include in your pitch deck are listed in the table below.

Your pitch to potential investors and responses to their questions will aid them in having an initial understanding of the potential opportunity and risks associated with investing in your company. This will set the stage for making a decision relative to conducting a more thorough review as a part of a comprehensive due diligence process.

As a back-up for your pitch deck, you will need to have supporting documentation in case your pitch garners serious interest from prospective investors. At a minimum, the data locker should include your pitch deck, documents you reference in your pitch deck which support your assumptions for medical need, market size, and competitors, an executive summary, all of your legal agreements, your intellectual property (i.p.), pro-forma financials, and term sheets, if applicable.

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