Key Opinion Leader Identification and Scientific Advisory Boards

Support from key opinion leader (KOLs) during the early commercialization period of your technology is vital towards achieving near-term (and long term) success. Unfortunately, some companies fail to fully engage their KOLs on an on-going basis as regulatory approval initiatives drag on or other operational distractions required for product commercialization become priorities. Identifying opportunities for maintaining a dialogue with KOLs during both the pre-launch and post-launch period, and identifying projects which they can be involved with during the same time periods, will insure they remain engaged with you and your efforts, reinforcing their support for your technology.

Obtaining feedback and involving your KOLs as you develop your market introduction strategy are excellent options for keeping them engaged in your efforts. Having them provide input on market factors, potential competitive threats and involving them as a part of round table discussions with other key opinion leaders as you present your plans for approaching your targeted markets are all opportunities for KOLs to continue to be involved with activities which reinforce their acceptance of your product. Additional options include involving KOLs in the development of abstract submissions, manuscripts and white papers which communicate the results of clinical studies which your technology or concepts which support its role in the marketplace. The early identification of opportunities for potential presentation of information relevant to your technology during scientific meetings being held while you are focusing on pre-launch and early post-launch activities also represent opportunities for involving KOLs in order to continue to engage them in your efforts.

The above can be accomplished on an ad-hoc basis or via a formal Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Coordinating and managing the logistics associated with convening an actual SAB meeting can be time consuming and frustrating due to your KOLs personalities and busy schedules. Insuring compliance with the Sunshine Act is also important when interacting with U.S. based physicians.

The Atticus Group prides itself on its experience with working with top international thought leaders in their fields and our “rolodex” of KOLs we have current or previous relationships with. We also have significant experience organizing, managing, and moderating SAB meetings and can help to insure your meeting is well planned and accomplishes it objectives.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you interact with KOLs or to develop and implement an effective SAB strategy.