Market Access Strategy & Commercialization Plan

A marketing plan identifies and details all of the aspect of your marketing access strategy and identifies how this strategy will be implemented. This plan ensures that everyone in the company, and investors, knows what you are trying to do and what is needed to happen. An effective marketing plan includes a clear set of objectives that will help the company to achieve its strategic business goals.
Developing an effective market development strategy and associated marketing plan takes considerable time and effort. These plans typically include the following elements:.
  • A business overview including the company’s vision, mission, and business objectives.
  • A marketing overview including an overview of the company’s technology(s) or services, , target market segmentation, competitive assessment, and a SWOT analysis.
  • A description of the company or technologies brand including brand elements, positioning, tagline and key marketing messages which differentiate the company’s technology.
  • An overview of planned tactical marketing activities along with a marketing calendar, budget, and required resources..
The Atticus Group has helped develop mark access strategies and supported the implementation of numerous commercialzation plans associated with new medical technologies. We have the insight and the experience to assist you with the creation of an effective marketing strategy as well as the capability to help support its implementation.

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