Press Releases

Press releases are an important and vital communications tool for medical technology companies. Unless your technology is consumer-focused, the primary objective of issuing press releases for medical technology companies is to provide updates and break news to the investment community (and prospective investors) and strategics who may be potential strategic licensing/acquisition partners or funding sources.

Knowing what to communicate, how often to communicate, and how to communicate via press releases is an artform. It is important to make the right noise at the right time with information which is actually newsworthy. Issuing press releases with mundane information or simply making an announcement that has little impact on accomplishing your business objectives should be avoided.

The Atticus Group has developed and current manages the press release strategy for several of our clients. This includes all aspects of the strategy from the development of a press release calendar and identifying an appropriate press release distribution service based on the company’s needs and budget, (e.g. Businesswire, PR Newswire, PRWeb) to creating initial drafts of press releases and issuing the releases via a qualified online distribution service. We can guide you through this process based our experience-based tips on how to implement an effective press release strategy.


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