Website Design and Development

Emerging medical technology companies are not typically known for their cutting edge websites. There is an odd disconnect between the innovative nature of new medical technologies and one’s experience when interacting with their brands online. We can attribute much of this common shortcoming to limited resources, pre-market technologies, and the regulatory landscape in which we operate, but when it’s time to commercialize your product, it’s time to pay close attention to your presence on the web.

Using other medical device websites as benchmarks is both instructive and misleading – instructive for tasks related to product positioning, but misleading because of the aforementioned poor quality of many device websites. Even the big players (especially the big players) in the medical technology space do a poor job of presenting new technologies. The trouble is, because of the way the internet is constructed, your website lives immediately next door to consumer and other sites that have been rigorously developed with millions of dollars spent refining every aspect of the experience. These websites set the expectations of your audience, less so your competitors. So, while experience in the medical device realm is an important qualification when evaluating web developers, the strength and breadth of their portfolio, including work on non-medical websites, should be considered as well.

In the end, what you’re looking for is a partner who can help you make the right decisions about your online presence. There are thousands of web developers out there who can build you a pretty website, but the best among them will have a well-defined system for engaging their clients and bringing out the best in them.

The Atticus Group has both the experience and expertise to design and develop websites which communicate our clients company and product brands and aligns with the innovativeness of their medical technologies. We know how to work in this regulated space and have a process in place which enables us to quickly and efficiently build websites which meet our customers needs that also add the flexibility  for our customers to manage their own content on a go forward basis. We also know how to design and develop spectacular looking websites at a much lower cost than what high-priced web design companies charge.

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