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Strategic Solutions

Defining your company’s strategic objectives and identifying market strategies that enable rapid product adoption within key market segments is critical to the successful commercialization of new medical technologies. The Atticus Group has both the experience and the expertise across a broad range of areas which represent essential elements of a comprehensive strategic plan.

Click on any of the items below to learn more about how we can help you to develop effective strategies which support your business objectives.

Development of Market Strategy and Marketing Plan

A marketing plan identifies and details all of the aspect of your marketing strategy and identifies how this strategy will be implemented. This plan ensures that everyone in the company, and investors, knows what you are trying to do and what is needed to make it happen. An effective marketing plan includes a clear set of objectives that will help the company to achieve its strategic business goals. Read more

Product Positioning and Messaging

Product positioning is how value of a technology is communicated when taking into consideration the targeted customer base, competitive alternatives, and communication channels. The development of product positioning starts with the product positioning statement – a statement which defines the target market for your technology and how you want your technology to be viewed in the minds of your customers. Read more

Reimbursement Strategy and Economic Modeling

Most hospitals now have policies and procedures in place which require the review of new technologies prior to their use or purchase by the hospital. This has resulted in an expanded number of individuals who are involved in the decision making process and a greater focus on the cost impact of the technology to the hospital. Having evidence that a new medical technology provides a clinical benefit to patients is often not sufficient to gain entry into the hospital and many hospitals are now requesting cost justification analyses which demonstrate the economic impact of the adoption of the technology at their institution. Read more

Publication Strategy

The successful launch of an innovative new medical technology necessitates a meticulous plan for effectively communicating its value along with the development a strategy for addressing anticipated objections expected from the marketplace.  A key component of this strategy is the development and execution of a strategic publication plan. The timely execution of an effective publication strategy can accelerate the adoption of a new medical technology. Read more

Market Research

From concept development through post-launch assessment, customer input via market research is essential for positioning and commercializing new medical technologies. Attempting to bring a technology to market without adequate customer feedback, or even worse, disregarding customer feedback, will ultimately limit its acceptance in the marketplace. Read more

Clinical Trials and Protocol Development

Developing and implementing studies which enable the collection of data which support clinical and economic messaging of a new technology is imperative to market acceptance. Be it a single center, retrospective analysis of data associated with the use of a new technology or a full on randomized, prospective trial, there is a role for many types of studies as a part of your product development and commercialization pathway. Understanding what type of study is appropriate for your needs and how the study or studies can be conducted in an economic manner with the right investigators is critical. Read more

Technology Licensing and Strategic Partnerships

At a certain point in the process of developing and commercializing a new medical technology, opting to pursue a licensing or distribution deal with strategic partners may help you to gain access to new geographic markets, to increase sales and marketing capacity, or to expand distribution channels for your technology. Partnering with a larger more established company may also be an option when additional resources and expertise are needed to pursue regulatory approval, implement clinical studies, and to develop the technology for additional clinical uses or applications. Read more

Key Opinion Leader Identification and Scientific Advisory Boards

Support from key opinion leader (KOLs) during the early commercialization period of your technology is vital towards achieving near-term (and long term) success. Unfortunately, some companies fail to fully engage their KOLs on an on-going basis as regulatory approval initiatives drag on or other operational distractions required for product commercialization become priorities. Identifying opportunities for maintaining a dialogue with KOLs during both the pre-launch and post-launch period, and identifying projects which they can be involved with during the same time periods, will insure they remain engaged with you and your efforts, reinforcing their support for your technology. Read more

Tactical Marketing Solutions

Once you have defined the sales and marketing strategy for your innovative medical technology, its important to implement a wide range of tactical marketing activities in order to drive product adoption and revenue growth. The Atticus Group has a proven track record of providing tactical marketing solutions to numerous U.S. and European-based companies with emerging medical technologies or patient care solutions.

Select any of the below to learn more about how we can help you meet your technology marketing needs.

Corporate and Product Branding

Your brand is the visual or perceptual identity of your company. Your corporate branding conveys the mission of your company and its associated products and services. Your product brand(s) support your marketing strategy and aligns with your product positioning. If your company has developed a innovative technology platform that is applicable across several market segments, then it important to also establish a brand for the platform as well. Since many early stage medical technology companies only have a single product or technology platform, it is important to devise branding strategies which avoid confusion between these three element. Read more

Website Design and Development

Emerging medical technology companies are not typically known for their cutting edge websites. There is an odd disconnect between the innovative nature of new medical technologies and one’s experience when interacting with their brands online. We can attribute much of this common shortcoming to limited resources, pre-market technologies, and the regulatory landscape in which we operate, but when it’s time to commercialize your product, it’s time to pay close attention to your presence on the web. Read more

Promotional Materials and Presentations

The Atticus Group has the creativity and expertise to help medical technology companies to deliver their messages to their customers and investors via a wide range of print and digital media tools. We can help you to effectively convey your company and/or product branding and deliver your product positioning to key segments of your target markets or create investor presentations which concisely communicate what you are all about. We have experience simplifying complicated messages which are often associated with newer technologies and also understand the special requirements medical technology companies have related to internal document control and regulatory approval processes. Read more

Targeting and Segmentation

Identifying and targeting market segments which will produce a steeper early adoption curve for your technology is vital to obtaining strong start out of the blocks. Assessing differing market segments should not only be solely based upon the market potential, but also on the potential barriers to entry which may exist within these segments. While many medical technology have the potential to be used across a number of market segments. Understanding which of these segments represents the greatest opportunity when the barriers to entry are factored into the equation requires a true understanding of the marketplace.  Read more

Press Releases

Press releases are an important and vital communications tool for medical technology companies. Unless your technology is consumer-focused, the primary objective of issuing press releases for medical technology companies is to provide updates and break news to the investment community (and prospective investors) and strategics who may be potential strategic licensing/acquisition partners or funding sources. Read more

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing campaigns are now a vital tool as a part of a successful marketing strategy for medical technology companies. If implemented correctly, this digital media tool can be an simple, inexpensive, and effective means of communicating with targeted customer segments. There are, however, important considerations and guidelines you should keep in mind in order to increase the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign to help reduce the likelihood your emails will be removed by spam filters or simply deleted from the Inbox of individuals receiving the email. Read more

Testimonial and Procedural Videos

Videos and animations are powerful tools which can utilized in numerous differing ways to support the promotion and proper utilization of new medical technologies. It is important, however, to understand that effective videos are not simply the result of a “point and shoot” approach to filming…a lot of planning must take place upfront in order to create an effective video. This includes the development of a proper storyboard in advance, setting up the best venue/approach for obtaining the video footage, or the identification of the ideal animation group that can deliver what you need, on time, and at a budget you can afford.  Read more

Tradeshow Planning

Tradeshows and medical specialty have the potential to be the single most costly line item within a marketing departments budget. Having the ability to effectively communicate the value of your technology directly to a large number of individuals within your targeted market segment in a short space of time and in one location make these meetings ideal opportunities for interfacing with potential customers and obtaining leads. Significant time and effort is required prior to, during, and after the meeting to leverage the cost of this investment. Read more

What stage of product development are you at?

The mission of The Atticus Group is to partner with medical technology and molecular diagnostic companies to assist in the development of comprehensive strategic plans and tactical marketing solutions which drive revenue growth. Our specialty is working with companies who have novel medical technologies or diagnostic tests that are targeted towards the U.S. and select global markets. Our broad experience providing strategic insight and creative marketing solutions for innovative medical technology companies allows The Atticus Group to tailor our efforts to meet our customers needs.

Which of the below represents where you are at in the product life cycle? Click on the appropriate box to learn more about how The Atticus Group can help support your needs.

Is your product in the development stage?

Just getting started with an innovative new technology?

Whether you’ve got an initial prototype or are still in the design phase, The Atticus Group can help with sound advice for developing an initial business plan, defining the market for your device and helping you to address questions that may aid in your quest for future funding.

Are you preparing for product launch?

Ready to lay the groundwork for a successful product launch?

You’ve designed an innovative medical technology, confirmed its efficacy in clinical trials and are about to clear your last regulatory hurdles. You’re about to send your product out into the world – The Atticus Group can help you with pricing strategies, financial projections, development of economic messaging and more. Wherever you are in the process of commercializing your product, The Atticus Group can offer professional assistance with business development and creative marketing solutions that will help you make the most of your product’s strengths in today’s complex and crowded healthcare marketplace.

Is your product commercialized?

Need help gaining market adoption of your technology?

You’ve cleared all of the regulatory hurdles and have commercialized your technology – now you want to grow your business. The Atticus Group can help with tactical marketing solutions which can assist you in gaining a foothold in your targeted market segments and to drive product acceptance. Wherever you are in the process of commercializing your product, The Atticus Group can offer professional assistance that will help you make the most of your product’s strengths in today’s complex and crowded healthcare marketplace.